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STOP ‘MONSANTOSIZING’ FOOD, SEEDS AND ANIMALS! Global alert from the No Patents on Seeds! coalition

Farmers’ organisations from around the world, breeders, UN institutions as well as development and environmental organisations have repeatedly raised major concerns about the increasing monopolisation of seeds and farm animals via patents over the last few years. The loss of independence and rising indebtedness for farmers, a reduction of plant and animal diversity, and ever higher constraints for breeding and research activities represent some of the most worrying impacts of this trend. But despite these alarming experiences so far no legal measures are in sight to stop this trend. On the contrary, a recent survey of applications filed at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) shows that the big international seed corporations still try to push through their monopoly claims without caring about the consequences for global food security and the livelihoods of farmers around the world. This is becoming obvious by analysing the recent patent applications by the top three global seed companies, Monsanto (US), Dupont (US) and Syngenta (Switzerland).

The undersigned individuals, organisations and institutions call on governments and patent offices to stop this worrying development and to revise existing patent regulations. The patent regulations in the EU, US and in many other countries, as well as the WTO Trips Agreement, urgently need to be reviewed in order to stop the monopolisation and corporate control of the world’s genetic resources. This review should lead to a regulation that guarantees the right to food and a prohibition of patents on plants and farm animals.

The following examples show some patent applications carried to extremes1. Many of the claims presented in these applications can only be described as ludicrous. These patents demonstrate how far we have got with existing patent regulations, which are completely deficient. In only four years, between 2005 and 2009, Monsanto filed nearly 150 patent applications on plant breeding at the WIPO. These applications show a growing tendency to claim exclusive property rights not only on genetically modified plants and animals, but also on existing biodiversity and traditional breeding. While in the years before 2005 only very few such patents were filed, more than 30% of Monsanto’s patent applications between 2005 and 2009 include conventional plant breeding. This trend can also be observed with other big seed corporations. In the same period Dupont filed about 170 patent applications in plant breeding, 25% involving conventional plant breeding. Syngenta filed about 60 applications, with 50% targeting traditional breeding. Amongst the big seed companies, Monsanto is the only one filing patent applications on farm animals too. Since 2005 about 20 patents on animal breeding have been filed by the US company.


  • In Monsanto’s patent application WO2008021413, ‘the patent of monsantosizing maize and soy’, methods are claimed that are widely used in conventional breeding. On more than 1000 pages and in 175 claims Monsanto claims various gene sequences and genetic variations, especially in soy and maize. Monsanto even goes as far as explicitly claiming all relevant maize and soy plants, inheriting those genetic elements. Furthermore, all uses in food, feed and biomass are listed. By filing specific regional applications Monsanto shows especial interest in applying for this patent in Europe, Argentina and Canada.
  • In Patent application WO 2009011847, ‘the patent of monsantosizing meat and milk’, Monsanto broadly claims methods for cattle breeding, the animals, as well as “milk, cheese, butter and meat.”
  • Other companies are also aggressively filing patents on genetic resources needed for feed and food production. An example is patent application WO2008087208, ‘Syngenta’s patent on maize yield', which is targeting genetic conditions in maize for grain yield. Syngenta claims the plants and even their harvest.
  • Several similar patents are already granted, such as a patent on breeding in soy beans like WO 98/45448, ‘Dupont’s patent on tofu’, granted in Australia, Europe and USA, which covers soy sauce, tofu, soy milk and infant formula made from these soybeans. This patent (or patents of the same family) have also been filed for Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Norway and New Zealand.

These kinds of patents are the backbone of a strategy for taking over global control on all levels of food production. These patents do not stifle research and innovation; they are meant to block access to genetic resources and technology and to establish new dependencies for farmers, breeders and food producers. However, resistance is growing. In 2007 farmer organisation and NGOs from all over the world created the 'no patents on seeds' global platform”. In 2008 hundreds of letters were sent to the European Patent Office (EPO) in ‘the patent on broccoli’ case, EP 1069819, which was a precedent. In 2009 thousands of farmers and citizens, many NGOs and even governmental authorities filed an opposition to the European ‘patent on pig breeding’ , EP 1651777, a patent applied for by Monsanto in 2004.

The undersigned individuals , organisations and institutions urge politicians and patent offices around the world to ensure that patents such as those mentioned above cannot and will not be granted. A radical change both in patent legislation and the practice of patent offices is needed to eliminate patents on plants and farm animals. Corporations should not be allowed to continue misappropriation and monpolisation of seeds, plants and farm animals via patent law. Otherwise these patents will become a major threat to global food security and regional food sovereignt.

This alert will be handed over to Governments and patent offices on 26 March 2010 – three years after the No Patents on Seeds global coalition was officially started.

Signatory organisations so far (in alphabetical order):

Initial signers of the Global Alert:

A SEED Europe (Netherlands) - ABL (Deutschland) - BDM (Deutschland) - BKS (India) - COAG (España) - Coldiretti (Italia) - Confederation Paysanne (France) - Equivita (Italia) - FAA (Argentina) - Federation Internationale Nature & Progres (France) - FETRAF-Sul (Brasil) - Genethics Foundation (Netherlands) - Getreidezüchtung Peter Kunz - Verein für Kulturpflanzenentwicklung (Switzerland) - GRAIN (international) - ICPPC (Polska) - IG Saatgut (Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich) - Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) Austria (Austria) - Semillas de Vida (Mexico) - Stiftung Kaiserstühler Garten (Germany) - UNAG (Nicaragua) - Yayasan Sintesa Indonesia (Indonesia)

1. ...natürlich pflanzlich! Eco Bio Systems! (Deutschland) 
2. A Cova da Terra (Galicia (España)) 
3. A SEED (Netherlands) 
4. A SEED Europe (Netherlands) 
5. ABL (Deutschland) 
6. ADP (ONG Amics De Palanques) (España) 
7. Agrargruppe von Attac Wuppertal (Deutschland) 
8. AgriBioCert (Croatia) 
9. Agrupacion agroalimentaria do Eume (Galicia - España) 
10. AKT- Aktion Konsequenter Tierschutz gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH (Bundesrepublik Deutschland/ Rheinland- Pfalz) 
11. Aktion Kirche und Tiere (AKUT) e. V. (Deutschland) 
12. Aktionsbündnis für gentechnikfreie Landwirtschaft in Sachsen (Deutschland) 
13. ALB-GOLD Teigwaren GmbH (Deutschland) 
14. Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt (Deutschland) 
15. Alianza por una Mejor Calidad de Vida (Chile) 
16. Allianza Family Farming Soy Producers (South America) 
17. Altea te quiero verde (España) 
18. alteatequieroverde (españa) 
19. AMAP du Cérou (France) 
20. AMAP St PIERRE D\'AX (France) 
21. Amigos de la Tierra España - Friends of the Earth Spain (España) 
22. Andaime. Engenharia social e cultural (Galiza) 
23. ANIMAL SPIRIT (Österreich) 
24. AnimalProtectionGroup Arbeitsgruppe für Tierrechte e.V. (Deutschland) 
25. Arbeitsgemeinschaft (ARGE) ZUKUNFT Berg am Laim (Deutschland / Germany) 
26. Arbeitskreis Ökologie / Gentechnik e.V (D) 
27. Arbeitskreis Ökologie / Gentechnik e.V. (D) 
28. ARCHE NOAH (Österreich) 
29. ARGE Schöpfungsverantwortung (Austria) 
30. AS-PTA Agricultura Familiar e Agroecologia (Brasil) 
31. AS-PTA Agricultura Familiar e Agroecologia (Brasil) 
33. Asociacion Argentina de Abogados Ambientalistas (Argentina) 
34. Asociación de Permacultura de lsas Islas Pitiusas (Spain) 
35. Asociacion Desarrollo Medio Ambiental Sustentable (Perú) 
36. Asociación Ecoloxista Coto do Frade (España) 
37. Asociacon Amigos De Los Animales (Deutschland) 
38. Associació (España) 
39. Associaçom Cultural Foucelhas (Galiza) 
40. Association de Developpement Durable (France) 
42. Association les Mangeurs (Suisse) 
43. Association of Latvina Organic Agriculture (Latvia) 
44. Association Vivre sans Thyroïde (France) 
45. Associazione Malattie d Intossicazione Cronica e/o Ambientale (Italy) 
46. Associazione \"coscienza della Terra\" (Italy) 
47. Ausstellungsfirma (Schweiz) 
48. Austrian Green Farmers Association (Österreich) 
49. ayurveda verein nexenhof (österreich) 
50. Ayusya ass. di protezione della vita (Italie) 
51. BakkerBio vof (the Netherlands) 
52. BASE Investigaciones Sociales (Paraguay) 
53. Basler Appell gegen Gentechnologie (Schweiz) 
54. BDM (Deutschland) 
55. Berne Declaration (Switzerland) 
56. Bio Suisse (Schweiz) 
57. Bio-Verbraucher e.V. (Deutschland) 
58. Bioforum Schweiz (Schweiz) 
59. Biologica (Netherlands) 
60. Biologisch Tuinbouwbedrijf Gebr. Verbeek (Netherlands) 
61. BioReAcToR CR (Costa RicA) 
62. Bioresonans (Netherlands) 
63. Blauen Institut (schweiz) 
64. BUKO-Kampagne gegen Biopiraterie (Deutschland) 
65. Bund Naturschutz in Bayern e.V. (Deutschland) 
66. Bund Naturschutz in Bayern, Kreisgruppe Ebersberg (Bayern) 
67. Bund Naturschutz Ortsgruppe Schrobenhausen (Deutschland/Bayern) 
68. Bundeszentrale der Tierversuchsgegner Österreichs (Österreich) 
69. Bündnis für eine gentechnikfreie Region (um) Ulm (BW 7 Deutschland) 
70. Bureau Ver(?)Antwoord (the Netherlands) 
71. Bürger gegen Tierversuche e.V. Hamburg (Germany) 
72. Bürgerinitiative für Lebensqualität und Umweltschutz (Deutschland) 
73. Capoeira Esporte e Cultura Austria (Austria) 
74. CEDAZO, S.L. (España) 
75. CENAMI Centro Nacional de Apoyo a Misiones Indígenas (México) 
76. Center for Environment (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 
77. Centre d\'Information sur l\'Environnement et d\'Action pour la santé (france) 
78. Centro Ecológico (Brazil) 
79. Centro Humboldt (Nicaragua) 
81. CETAAR (Argentina) 
82. Christian\'s Group for the Integrate Development, Inc (USA) 
85. Clubul Ecologic Transilvania/GRINDA (Romania) 
86. COAG (España) 
87. CODE ANIMAL (France) 
88. coecoceiba-amigos de la tierra costa rica (costa rica) 
89. COKOMAL (Costa Rica) 
90. Coldiretti (Italia) 
91. Colectivo KYBELE (España) 
92. Collectif ACECOMED (France) 
93. Comitato Europeo Difesa Animali onlus (Italia) 
94. Community Technology Development Trust (Zimbabwe) 
95. Confederation Paysanne (France) 
96. Consumo y Comunicaciôn Alternativa, COKOMAL (Costa Rica) 
97. Coop. El Brot SCCL (Spain) 
98. Coordination Rurale Union Nationale (France) 
99. Corporate Europe Observatory (Belgium) 
100. Cronistes (Catalunya) 
101. Cultural Association Echo Pyzdr (Poland) 
102. Cyber @cteurs (FRANCE) 
103. DAS TIER + WIR (CH) 
104. DAS TIER + WIR - Stiftung für Ethik im Unterricht (Switzerland) 
105. DAS TIER + WIR - Stiftung für Ethik im Unterricht (Switzerland) 
106. De Nieuwe Band, wholesaler organic food (Holland) 
107. Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft (DFG-VK) OG Wiesbaden (Deutschland) 
108. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Esskultur (Deutschland) 
109. Deutsche Reform Jugend (deutschland) 
110. Deutscher Staatsbuergerinnen-Verband e.V. (Deutschland) 
111. ecocontact (Austria) 
112. ecological agriculture australia assocation (australia) 
113. Ecologistas en Acción - Valle de Ricote (España) 
114. ecologistas en acción en la provincia deleón (españa) 
115. Ecologistas en Acción-Palencia (España) 
116. Ecologistes en Acción (Spain) 
117. ECOPALMA (Asociación de Productores y Consumidores Biológicos de la isla de La Palma) (España) 
118. Ecoportal.Net (Argentina) 
119. Edmonds Institute (USA) 
120. Eirado (Galiza) 
121. Eko Liburnia (Croatia) 
122. Ekoprodukt Marek Kubara (Poland) 
123. El Guaret (Catalonia (Spain)) 
124. el jardin (Puerto Rico, USA) 
125. Equivita (Italia) 
126. Erna-Graff-Stiftung für Tierschutz (Germany) 
127. Escuela Agroecologica de Santander (COLOMBIA) 
128. Espai Social i de Formació d\'Arquitectura (Espanya) 
129. Estonian Fund for Nature (Estonia) 
130. Estonian Green Movement - FoE Estonia (Estonia) 
131. Estonian Organic Farming Foundation (Estonia) 
132. (Schweiz) 
133. Evangelische Kirche A.B. Österreich (Österreich) 
134. FAA (Argentina) 
135. Federation Internationale Nature & Progres (France) 
137. FETRAF-Sul (Brasil) 
138. FIAN Deutschland e.V. (Germany) 
139. FIAN Österreich (Österreich) 
140. Filme für die Erde (Switzerland) 
141. For the nature coalition (Bulgaria) 
142. Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau FiBL (Schweiz) 
143. Forum Solidaridad Perú (Perú) 
144. Framtiden i våre hender (Future in our hands) (Norway) 
145. Freie-Saaten.Org.e.V. (Deutschland/Germany) 
146. Fuente de Permacultura (Spain) 
147. fundacion empresa y solidaridad (españa) 
148. FUNDAEXPRESION (Colombia) 
149. GAIA - Grupo Acçao Intervenção Ambiental (Portugal) 
150. Gaia Media Stiftung (Germany) 
152. GEA, AC (MEXICO) 
153. (Germany) 
154. Gen-ethisches Netzwerk/ Gen-ethical Network (Germany) 
155. GENET - European NGO on Genetic Engineering (Europe) 
156. Genethics Foundation (Netherlands) 
157. Getreidezüchtung Peter Kunz - Verein für Kulturpflanzenentwicklung (Switzerland) 
158. GIET (France) 
159. GM Free Consumers Network (Australia) 
160. GM Freeze (UK) 
161. GRAIN (international) 
162. Green Warriors of Norway (Norway) 
163. GroenLinks Waalre (The Netherlands) 
164. grüneUni - unabhängige Hochschulgruppe (Berlin) 
165. Grupo de consumo consumaconciencia (españa) 
166. Grupo de Solidaridad-Arenal (GRUDESA) (Nicaragua) 
168. Haus der Baubiologie (Österreich) 
169. Hecho en Bs. As. (Argentina) 
170. HOLON-Netzwerk für integrale Entwicklung (Europa) 
171. I un rave! (Espana) 
172. I un Rave! (España) 
173. ICPPC (Polska) 
174. IG Saatgut (Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich) 
175. IG-Saatgut (Deutschland) 
176. institut für ökologische wirtschaftsfoschung (österreich) 
177. Institut Psychosophia (Schweiz) 
178. Instituto Gastrotur Peru (Peru) 
179. international comitee in Norwegian farmer and small holder union (norway) 
180. Internationaler Bund der Tierversuchsgegner (Österreich) 
181. Jaivik Kheti Abhiyan (India) 
182. Katholische und evangelische Umweltbeauftragte Österreich (AUSTRIA) 
183. keralafarmer\'s Internet Group (India) 
184. Klangspuren Schwaz (Österreich) 
185. Koalicja \"POLSKA WOLNA OD GMO\" (Poland) 
186. Kreis fuer geistige Lebenshilfe (Deutschland und weltweit) 
187. Kritische Massa (Nederland) 
188. Kuratorium Rettet das Vorgebirge (Deutschland) 
189. KwaNzira Urban Farming (South Africa) 
190. Linksjugend [\'solid] Trier/Trier-Saarburg (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) 
191. Living Farms (Orissa / India) 
192. Llavors d\'ací (España) 
193. LocalHarvest, Inc. (USA) 
194. lumiere des champs (suisse) 
195. MADGE (Australia) 
196. Menschen für Tierrechte Tierversuchsgegner Saar (Deutschland) 
197. Menschen für Tierrechte. Tierversuchsgegner Baden-Württemberg e.V. (Germany) 
198. Milieudefensie/Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Netherlands) 
199. miqcom\'s (España) 
200. Modus Operandi (France) 
201. MPI - Movimento Pró-Informação para a Cidadania e Ambiente (Portugal) 
202. Munlochy Vigil (Scotland) 
203. Nahplan (CH) 
204. Natural-Holistic-Guidance (Deutschland) 
205. navdanya (india) 
206. Nicaragua-Forum Heidelberg (Germany) 
207. Norges Bygdekvinnelag (Norway) 
208. Norwegian Farmers -and Smallholders Union (Norway) 
209. OBA (ESPAÑA) 
210. OEBV-Via Campesina Austria (Austria) 
211. Oikos - Norwegian association for organic food and farming (Norway) 
212. Öko-EZG \"Alb-Leisa\" (Deutschland/ Ba-Wü) 
213. Ökologischer Ärztebund e.V. (Deutschland) 
214. Omslag Werkplaats voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling (Nederland) 
215. ONG Kunturnet (Peru) 
216. Organic Consumers Association (United States) 
217. Partners for the Land & Agricultural Needs of Traditional Peoples (PLANT) (USA) 
218. PEGAH - Iranischer Kunst- und Kulturverein (Wuppertal) (Germany) 
219. Peliti (Alternative community & Seed Exchange Network) (Greece) 
220. Peliti (Alternative community & Seed Exchange Network) (Greece) 
221. Pfarrbereich Groß Möringen bei Stendal (Deutschland) 
222. PLANT (Partners for the Land & Agricultural Needs of Traditional Peoples (USA) 
223. Plataforma Cívica Ciutadans a l´ajuntament (España) 
224. Plattform Gentechnikfreis Österreich (Österreich) 
225. Polarity Center of Salem (USA) 
226. Politischer Arbeitskreis für Tierrechte in Europa e.V. (Deutschland) 
227. Portuguese GM-Free Coalition (Portugal) 
228. PROAECO (Costa Rica) 
229. ProSpecieRara (Schweiz) 
230. PROVIEH Verein gegen tierquälerische Massentierhaltung e.V. (Germany) 
231. RAPAL red de acción en plaguicidas y sus alternativas de america latina (Sede de coordinación Argentina- red de america Latina) 
232. RAPAL Uruguay (Uruguay) 
234. Red de Acción en Plaguicidas y sus Alternativas en América Latina (América Latina) 
236. REDESOL (Ecuador) 
237. Rescue Group (United States) 
238. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) Austria (Austria) 
239. Saatgutkampagne \"Zukunft säen – Vielfalt ernten\" (DE-A-CH) 
240. Salva la Selva (Alemania) 
241. Sambucus e.V. (Deutschland) 
242. Save Our Seeds (Germany) 
243. Schweizerische Arbeitsgruppe Gentechnologie SAG (Schweiz) 
244. Schweizerische Kommission für die Erhaltung von Kulturpflanzen SKEK (Schweiz) 
245. Schweizerischen Vereinigung für Vegetarismus (SVV) (Schweiz) 
246. Schweizerisches Agrarmuseum Burgrain (Schweiz) 
247. Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) (UK) 
248. Semillas de Identidad (Ecuador) 
249. Semillas de Vida (Mexico) 
250. Senterungdommen (Norway) 
251. Shah Foods Limited (India) 
252. Shah Foods limited (India) 
254. Slow Food Deutschland e.V. (Deutschland) 
255. Social Culture Centre t\'Vrijhof (netherlands) 
256. Socrith: Social Critical Thinking Laboratorium (Norway) 
257. Solidarité Sans Frontières (Suisse) 
258. Som Lo Que Sembrem (Catalunya) 
259. Som Lo Que Sembrem (Catalunya) 
260. Sortengarten Erschmatt (Schweiz) 
261. Sos Justice & Droits de l\'Homme (France) 
262. Spire, Youth of the Development Fund (Norway) 
263. statehood hawaii (USA) 
264. Stellar Seeds (Canada) 
265. Stichting Demeter (Netherlands) 
266. Stichting PBS Dutch organic retail association (The Netherlands) 
267. Stiftung GEKKO (Deutschland) 
268. Stiftung Hofgut Oberfeld (Deutschland) 
269. Stiftung Kaiserstühler Garten (Germany) 
270. StopOGM (Suisse) 
271. StopOGM (Suisse) 
272. Sustainable Living Systems (U.S.) 
274. Tara Foundaion (India) 
275. Tara Foundation (India) 
276. Tara Foundation (India) 
277. Tele Maíz (México) 
278. TestBiotech (Germany) 
279. The Green Association for the Protection of Life (Finland) 
280. Tier & Mensch e.V. (Deutschland) 
281. Tier und Mensch e.V. (Germany) 
282. TIERHILFE LAHN DILL e.V. (Deutschland) 
283. Tra Terra e Cielo (Italy) 
284. TransCommunication (Schweiz und Pakistan) 
285. Umweltforum Münster e.V. (Deutschland) 
286. Umweltnetz München-Ost (UMO) (Germany) 
287. UNAG (Nicaragua) 
288. Union Suisse de l\'Artisanat (Schweiz) 
289. Utviklingsfondet/The Development Fund (Norway) 
290. VBP organic processing and trading association (The Netherlands) 
291. Vegan3000 (Italy) 
292. Vegsunt (Norway) 
293. Verband Katholisches Landvolk (Deutschland) 
294. Verein zur Erhaltung des Bunten Bentheimer Schweines e.V. (Deutschland) 
295. Via Organica (Mexico) 
296. Vielfältige Initiative zur Erhaltung gefährdeter Nutztiere ( VIEH ) (Germany) 
297. villa amatista (Espagñe) 
298. Waldorfschulverein Heidelberg e.V. (Deutschland) 
299. wastgotarna ek. för. (Sweden) 
300. WIDE - Netzwerk Women in Development Europe (Austria) 
301. Women\'s Environmental Network (UK) 
302. WWF Grupo Barcelona (España) 
303. Yayasan Sintesa Indonesia (Indonesia) 
304. Zemes draugi (Latvia) 
305. zivilcourage Vogelsberg (Deutschland) 
306. (Deutschland) 
307. Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft (Germany) 
1. A.C.GaiaA.C.Gaia (España) 
2. Action for Integrated Sustainable Development AssociationAction for Integrated Sustainable Development Association (Ethiopia) 
3. AfricaconsultAfricaconsult (Ethiopia) 
4. Aktionsbündnis Gentechnikfreie Region Main-Tauber e.V.Aktionsbündnis Gentechnikfreie Region Main-Tauber e.V. (Deutschland) 
5. Ås tremiljøÅs tremiljø (Norway) 
6. Association of Latvian Organic AgricultureAssociation of Latvian Organic Agriculture (Latvia) 
7. Attac ToulouseAttac Toulouse (France) 
8. Bangladesh Groep NederlandBangladesh Groep Nederland (nederland) 
9. Bionekazaritza.Asoc. Alavesa Agricultura EcológicaBionekazaritza.Asoc. Alavesa Agricultura Ecológica (Pais Vasco) 
10. Bizilur-Asociación para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo de los PueblosBizilur-Asociación para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo de los Pueblos (Euskal Herria) 
11. BKSBKS (India) 
12. BUNDBUND (Baden-Württemberg) 
13. Bündnis gentechnikfreie Region Bodensee-Allgäu-OberschwabenBündnis gentechnikfreie Region Bodensee-Allgäu-Oberschwaben (Germany) 
14. confederaton paysanneconfederaton paysanne (france) 
16. ecologistas en acción en la provincia de leónecologistas en acción en la provincia de león (españa) 
17. Ethio-Organic Seed Action (EOSA)Ethio-Organic Seed Action (EOSA) (Ethiopia) 
18. Federación Universitaria Río CuartoFederación Universitaria Río Cuarto (Argentina) 
19. Förderverein BiosemFörderverein Biosem (Schweiz) 
20. Fundación Opinión AmbientalFundación Opinión Ambiental (Costa Rica) 
21. Future In Our hands Development fundFuture In Our hands Development fund (Srilanka) 
22. Future In Our hands Development FundFuture In Our hands Development Fund (Srilanka) 
23. grupo Tierra Negragrupo Tierra Negra (Argentina) 
24. Kandukara development FoundationKandukara development Foundation (Srilanka) 
25. muntsa collado graciamuntsa collado gracia (catalunya) 
26. Organic Farmers Federation of Tamil naduOrganic Farmers Federation of Tamil nadu (India) 
27. Plantation Community development forumPlantation Community development forum (Srilanka) 
28. Primigenius gGmbH - Köthener Naturschutz und LandschaftspflegePrimigenius gGmbH - Köthener Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege (Deutschland) 
29. Red Canaria de SemillasRed Canaria de Semillas (España) 
30. Red de Coordinación en BiodiversidadRed de Coordinación en Biodiversidad (Costa Rica) 
32. s.c.a. La verdes.c.a. La verde (España) 
34. Sedona Community Farmers MarketSedona Community Farmers Market (USA) 
35. Small farmers in VestcoustSmall farmers in Vestcoust (Sweden) 
36. Stowarzyszenie MECENATStowarzyszenie MECENAT (Poland) 
37. Tierversuchsgegner München e. V-Tierversuchsgegner München e. V- (Deutschland) 
38. Tierversuchsgegner München e. V.Tierversuchsgegner München e. V. (Deutschland) 
40. United Small & Medium scale Farmers\' Associations of Nigeria - USMEFANUnited Small & Medium scale Farmers\' Associations of Nigeria - USMEFAN (NIGERIA) 
41. Verein Longo mai ÖsterreichVerein Longo mai Österreich (Austria) 
43. Xarxa horts ecológicsXarxa horts ecológics (España) 
44. \"Hände fürPfoten\"e.V. - Tierschutz- und Naturerlebnishof\"Hände fürPfoten\"e.V. - Tierschutz- und Naturerlebnishof (Deutschland) 


1: all figures mentioned in here stem from recent reserach by No patents on life!